Tips for a Positive Concussion Recovery

Tips for a Positive Concussion Recovery

If you have injured your head in any recent activity, you may be suffering from a concussion, which is trauma to your head and brain. This is a serious condition that required immediate medical attention from professionals who are able to assess your situation and provide you with the right tools and treatment for your injury. While a doctor’s appointment is essential in ensuring the best outcome for you and your brain, there are still things you can do from your home that can help make your recovery as smooth and speedy as possible.

The most delicate and important stage of a concussion is naturally the moments right after the injury. This can last several days depending on the severity of the trauma involved. It’s best to rest and recover for the first few days in order to prevent any complications. Avoid doing any strenuous physical activity and get as much sleep as possible. Of course, this should be done alongside a visit to the doctor as early as possible to receive an assessment of your injury.

You can also help speed up your recovery by applying a cold pack to your head for every two to four hours for the first 48 hours to reduce swelling and bruising as much as possible. While resting your head in the physical sense, you should also rest your head mentally, which means no deep thinking, video games, reading, or working from home!

Over time, you can gradually reintroduce elements of your daily routine when symptoms of the concussion start to subside. As symptoms get milder, you may be able to resume more activities until the concussion completely goes away. However, this may take weeks or even months. Get regular advice from your physician to know what the limits are, if any, for your activities.

If you or a loved one is suffering from symptoms of a concussion, don’t delay and visit us at Progressive Rehabilitation Medicine to book an appointment, where we can professionally assess concussions and provide a rehabilitation program to help you maximise your recovery with the knowledge of our skilled physicians.