Electrodiagnostic Medicine

Electrodiagnostic MedicineElectrodiagnostic medicine is the medical subspecialty that applies neurophysiologic testing techniques to diagnose, evaluate and treat patients with neurologic, neuromuscular and/or muscular system disorder(s).

Electrodiagnostic testing is helpful in diagnosing peripheral entrapment neuropathies which can be seen in carpal tunnel syndrome; radiculopathies or pinched nerve in the neck or back; muscle disorders such as myopathies; and neuromuscular junction disorders such as myasthenia gravis.

If you are experiencing numbness/tingling, pain or weakness, your doctor may refer you for an electrodiagnostic consultation with Dr. Kim which may be helpful in exploring your problem.

This test is collectively referred to as an EMG test which is comprised of two portions; the nerve conduction studies and the needle emg.

Both portions of the study are needed in order to come to an accurate diagnosis.  Most people are able to tolerate this study with minimal discomfort.

Great care is taken to make your experience as pleasant as possible.