Non-Surgical Spine and Orthopedics


Progressive Rehabilitation Medicine, PLC specializes in the non-surgical care of a wide range of pain, orthopedic and neurologic disorders by employing the latest most advanced conservative treatment options to help reduce pain, restore functional mobility and improve quality of life.

We are committed to helping you reach optimal restoration of musculoskeletal or neurological function.  We approach problems with non-surgical treatment; this means that you can be assured that we will do our best for you without the use of surgical interventions whenever this is medically responsible.

We continue to offer our patients the latest, most advanced therapeutic options for chronically painful and/or disabling conditions.  Please explore our website to learn more about our services.


What is a Physiatrist?

Physiatrists are medical doctors who:

  • Specialize in pain management, sports and musculoskeletal medicine 
  • Have medical and rehabilitation expertise in the care of patients with traumatic brain injury, stroke, and spinal cord injury
  • Lead a team of medical professionals to maximize function lost through catastrophic illness or injury
  • Offer the unique blend of non-surgical orthopedic and neuromuscular care
  • Offer neurodiagnostic services with specialized training in EMG and nerve conduction studies