Why HBOT May Be Beneficial For Athletes?

Why HBOT May Be Beneficial For Athletes?

Concussions are among the most dangerous injuries suffered by football players, mainly due to the fact that it can lead to more traumatic brain injuries.

Other sports injuries may include, injuries to the neck and spinal column can lead to chronic conditions. Pinched nerves tend to recur and cause numbness in the player’s extremities, typically sidelining the player.

Clearly, these players are facing a level of risk and harm unknown to the average person. In addition to the physical and emotional stress they suffer every week on the field, many of their occupational injuries tend to leave lingering chronic pain. How, then, do they recover between games and find a treatment that fits their lifestyle?

The sad and unfortunate truth is that many players simply do not receive the level of care that they need, for a variety of reasons. Some players may choose to play through an injury, knowing that the corrective surgery necessary would end their career. Furthermore, the common theme appears to be the over-prescription of steroid medications and opioids. This complex situation breeds an uneasy culture of drug abuse in the absence of proper interventional pain management.

That is where Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) comes in.

We are seeing more and more, however, that athletes turning to HBOT instead. Athletes such as Lebron James commonly use for recovery after hard workouts. HBOT offers oxygen directly to the muscles, including the brain. This aids in the recovery when the body has gone through intense workouts and activity. Oxygenating the blood and muscle helps recover quicker. Using HBOT may minimize or deter the over usage of medications.

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