The Benefits of Hyberbaric Oxygen Therapy for Your Health

Hyberbaric oxygen therapy, or HBOT has been medically proven to help improve the health outcomes of patients for many conditions, mainly for the incredible ability of HBOT to help repair and regenerate tissue. The principles of HBOT are quite simple: a hyperbaric chamber can deliver a higher concentration of oxygen into the patient’s body at specific air pressure level as deemed safe and ideal for the patient’s condition.

Typically, oxygen is breathed in and transported throughout your body using your red blood cells. By increasing the pressure level and ensuring the highest possible concentration of oxygen is delivered into your body, a far greater amount of oxygen molecules will be dissolved into your blood cells, carrying more oxygen around your body. This improves circulation and helps aid in tissue recovery, as your cells have more oxygen to help with the healing process.

HBOT has been approved by the government for use in many conditions, including tissue damage, gas embolisms, carbon monoxide poisoning, severe anemia, bone infections, burn injuries, and tissue infections. HBOT is being used at our clinic to help treat many other conditions including; Lyme disease, joint-related issues, fibromyalgia, concussions, PTSD, stroke, swelling (edema), peripheral neuropathy, and many pain-related conditions.

At Progressive Rehabilitation Medicine, we are committed to using the latest and best in medical technology for the benefit of our patients. We use the Fortius 420 HBOT chamber, which allows us to increase the air pressure in the chamber from 1.3 ATA to 2.2 ATA based on the condition, which is equivalent to pressure from 9 feet to 40 feet below sea level. This allows your cells to take in more oxygen than would be normally possible, boosting your recovery.

If you are suffering from tissue damage, joint issues, chronic pain, or other conditions, contact us at Progressive Rehabilitation Medicine today to book a consultation and learn more about how this non-invasive, non-surgical, and safe therapy may be suitable for your condition!