Is Bone Marrow better than Adipose Tissue for Stem Cells?

How Adipose is Better Than Bone Marrow

The short answer – No. 

There has been a lot of recent controversy on the topic, and in many cases, it appears that there can be a lot of misinformation out there.  We hope to clarify a few key points to showcase why adipose tissue for stem cells is superior to that derived from bone marrow.

When using stem cells, we use adult mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). These can be derived from the bone marrow or the adipose (fat cells) tissues of your own body.

At Progressive Rehabilitation we specifically use MSCs from adipose.

We will review why here:

Adipose-derived MSCs provide a higher volume of stem cells than bone marrow. The cells are of equal to higher quality.

The quality and quantity of bone marrow MSCs decline as we age, adipose-derived MSC do not.

Bone marrow extraction of cells is a very invasive and painful procedure (you can’t numb bone), lipoaspiration is not. This causes less pain to our patients in a less invasive procedure.

Bone marrow MSCs is an all-day event at the least, in some cases require multiple days. This is due to needing to incubate the MSCs that come from bone marrow. With adipose-derived cells, the entire procedure is less than two hours, from start to finish.

Bone-marrow-derived is high in white blood cells (WBCs), which are inflammatory and is counteracting the benefits of stem cell therapy. Adipose derived cells are much lower in WBCs and this is one of the reasons patients feel better quicker.

The article posted here, goes into more detail on why adipose MSCs are superior, and the major differences:…

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