Emily, Our ARNP Uses HBOT - Read Her Story

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy – Emily’s Story

At Progressive Rehabilitation Medicine, we don’t only suggest our services because it’s what we offer, we suggest them because we use them ourselves, and have seen the whys and hows, of its effectiveness.

Our ARNP, Emily, is an avid athlete. She uses Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) to combat many issues she comes across during training.

Read Emily’s story to learn about her experience using HBOT…

I have suffered from headaches and running type aches and pains for a number of years. I was introduced to HBOT through the course of my work.

My initial HBOT dive occurred as I had a migraine at work and I dove for 30 minutes. It wasn’t immediate; however, it resolved my migraine within the hour without the need for medication! I have never had a migraine resolve without medication.

I had a second migraine and was able to dive for 45 minutes at the end of the day of work and once again; it resolved my migraine along with associated neck pain. The best part about HBOT is that it can be combined with athletic performance and recovery.

Consequentially, I had won an entry into the Des Moines marathon; which was wonderful but left me with 8 weeks to train. I was 60 days post double trail half marathons; so did not have a solid marathon base. Four weeks into training I tore my left hamstring where I was treated with PRP and class 4 laser therapy.

I was able to run 12 miles 4 days after my PRP injection without difficulty (slower, but no pain). I was able to train slower over the next 4 weeks, taking out speed training to help heal my hamstring. Had scheduling permitted I would have dived more often for hamstring healing. I dove 60 minutes and received an IV nutrient therapy with glutathione the Friday prior to my weekend racing.

The results?  I raced a five-mile run on Saturday and ran the marathon on Sunday. The five-mile race went wonderful and it was the best I had felt in the past month.

I have done marathons and half-marathons in the past. This was the fastest I have recovered from any of my races, and I know it is due to HBOT and IV nutrient therapy. HBOT has been tremendously helpful not only as an athlete facing injuries and recovery but also as improving athletic performance. HBOT is invaluable for migraine control; especially paired with IV magnesium.

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