debunking myths about stem cells

Debunking Myths About Stem Cells

Stem cell therapy is an amazing feat of modern medicine. It also has no shortage of controversy surrounding it. The truth is that many of the concerns and objections about stem cell therapy are due to common myths and misconceptions about the treatment. We hope to set the record straight so our patients in Cedar Rapids, Iowa know exactly what to expect from a stem cell treatment.

Myth 1: Embryonic Stem Cells Are Used in Treatment

This is probably the highest source of controversy surrounding the use of the stem cells. While embryonic stem cells are a source of stem cells, many treatments do not use these cells. Modern stem cell research has demonstrated that adult stem cells can be found throughout the body and be employed for treatment. Treatments at our facility make use of the patient’s own adult stem cells derived from adipose (fat) tissue. These cells are harvested from the patient and then placed where they are needed to repair tissues and assist with healing.

Myth 2: Stem Cell Research is Illegal

One misconception among the general public is that the law regulates the application of medicine, when it generally does not. Only drugs and medical devices are regulated by the FDA. Adult stem cells are not considered a drug or medical device because they are harvested from the patient and then restored to the patient without being changed. Only cultured stem cells are considered a drug and subject to regulation. Those in favor of not regulating their own stem cells for treatment are overwhelming – see for yourself on this forum for a public hearing on stem cell “products” and the FDA. None of this makes these practices illegal, and all the stem cell treatments at our clinic are perfectly in compliance with all laws and regulations.

Myth 3: A Stem Cell Treatment May Be Rejected

This myth is common because some people may correlate a stem cell treatment with an organ transplant. There is a risk of rejection in organ transplant because the organ is not from the person’s own body, it derives from a donor. Adult stem cells, on the other hand, are the patient’s own natural cells. There is no chance of rejection when using a person’s own stem cells for treatment.

Myth 4: Stem Cell Treatments Are Not Proven

While stem cell therapy does represent cutting edge medical technology, there is plenty of research to support its use for pain management. A variety of well-founded clinical trials have been conducted on stem cell therapy for a variety of conditions including the management and treatment of chronic pain. The trials concerning stem cells are published by the government and readily available online for all consumers.

The use of stem cells has proven to be both a safe and effective means of treating many conditions. These cells allow the body to heal and regenerate in ways that were thought impossible before. Stem cell technology provides a natural alternative to the use of drugs and surgeries, which may be more harmful and invasive. So if you are suffering from debilitating joint pain and have problems with your knees, shoulders or elbows, we may have a solution for you with stem cell therapy. Please call (319) 774-8143 to schedule a consultation.