What is FBSS?

Back Surgery Not Working? Here’s What to Do Next

You might be experiencing this or might know someone who does. You have back pain, so you go to a doctor who recommends spinal surgery, which you undergo. However, after following your recovery and being out of action for a while, the pain seems to have stayed. Why is this the case?

It turns out that there are many causes for what is known as Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS), including risk factors based on the patient’s health. This can include diabetes, a smoking habit, and vascular diseases. They can interfere with the effectiveness of back surgery by affecting bone metabolism, the blood vessels, and increasing risk of infection post-operation. Each patient’s FBSS can be different, and it’s up to the doctor to examine the cause after the patient reports the back pain hasn’t gone away.

So, what is to be done? If you’ve undergone back surgery once and it didn’t work, you probably won’t be undergoing it again for a better result. However, there are non-surgical, drug-free modalities that can help relieve the pain in your back where surgery didn’t. Our clinic has a wide range of such options for pain relief that we can use. We know that every patient is different, so we have a variety of tools to help treat pain for all walks of life.

If you are suffering from back pain that hasn’t gone away no matter what you’ve tried, give Progressive Rehabilitation Medicine a call at (319) 320-1952. Our non-surgical options may be able to succeed where surgery has not.