5 Reasons You Need An Ergonomic Office Chair

5 Reasons Why You Need an Ergonomic Office Chair

Do you spend 8 hours a day behind a desk for work? You may think that because you are not in a manual labor job that you are not at risk for neck or back pain.  Unfortunately, this is not true. Sitting in a chair all day can have several negative effects on your body due to the stress it inflects on your spine. An ergonomic chair might be a good solution for you.  This type of chair is specifically designed to provide rest to the main structures of your body. Check out the below 5 reasons you need an ergonomic office chair.

Good posture.

An ergonomic chair has features like a head rest and back rest to promote good posture. Good posture is one of the most important things you can do for your body. When you have good posture your muscles, bones and joints are aligned perfectly and can function as they should. If you fail to maintain good posture, you may find yourself dealing with chronic back pain, neck pain and overall fatigue.

You can check your posture by doing the mirror test. To perform this test, you must stand in front of a full-length mirror and look to see if:

  • Your head is straight
  • Your shoulders are level and in line
  • Your hips are level and even
  • Your ankles appear straight


Simply put, ergonomic chairs are more comfortable than your traditional office chair.  They are user friendly and can be adjusted to fit your individual needs.

Reduces risk of back pain.

Ergonomic hairs have back rests and a reclining function that help alleviate stress on your back. This helps support the natural curve of your spine. Ergonomic chairs are tall enough to support your entire back.  Some traditional chairs are too short.

Reduces risk of neck pain.

Most traditional office chairs do not provide any neck support.  Going without neck support for an extended period of time can cause stiffness in your neck and shoulders. The ergonomic chair’s head rest allows you to stretch out and be supported.  This is a great feature for people who spend the majority o the day answering phone calls.

Reduces pressure on hips.

Ergonomic office chairs even help reduce pressure on your hips.  Normal chairs have hard surfaces to sit on which creates pressure on your hips.  The ergonomic chair is deep enough to support your hips and buttocks.

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