Here’s Everything You Need to Know About IV Nutrient Therapy

Have you ever seen a celebrity posing for a photo while hooked to an IV? They are probably getting their regular IV nutrient therapy. You may be wondering: Why is IV drip therapy so popular these days? Should you try it yourself?

It is clinically proven 

Also called intravenous therapy, IV vitamin drip therapy is an effective and safe medical practice. There’s no shortage of research to prove this claim. In fact, many doctors are endorsing IV nutrients therapy as an alternative to taking medicines orally. Throughout the years that IV drip therapy has been used in hospitals, no adverse reactions, and serious side effects have been reported. That said, some people experience slight cooling of the arm and a mineral taste in the mouth, which are normal side effects that go away immediately.

100% absorption of vitamins and nutrients 

The nutrients in the IVs are similar to those found at supplements and medicines. So why is IV better than conventional ways to take vitamins? Because IV drip therapy infuses vitamins, minerals, and amino acids straight to through the bloodstream, thus bypassing the digestive system. Your body absorbs the vitamins at a cellular level. This is how IV nutrient therapy guarantees 100% absorption.

More effective than ingesting vitamins and eating food 

The human body often wastes nutrients in the digestive system. By the time your body consumes the food, some of their nutrients have already been lost. By injecting them directly into your bloodstream, you get all the nutrients in their purest. You must understand, however, that IV therapy is not a substitute for having a healthy diet and taking multi-vitamins. Rather, it is a complementary step to further boost your overall health. 

The effects are faster

Normally, your body will take anywhere from 12-48 hours to digest solid foods completely. When vitamins are infused directly into the bloodstream, your body immediately uses them to function and perform. You’ll feel energized to do physical activities right after the IV session.